About Me: Steven Mareels

I am Steven Mareels, founder of Personal Power-Ups and personal development geek.

My own personal growth journey kicked off when I started my first job after graduating college, which included a personal development course. Through this year-long course I discovered loads of great ideas and strategies that helped me become a better version of me. I also devoured books with a fiery passion.

All this knowledge helped me solve multiple problems I was facing. At the same time, I saw plenty of people around me struggling with all kinds of personal problems, often similar to mine. Challenges I had researched. Problems I had solved for myself. I put my knowledge to the test and assisted the people around me, with success.

It’s after helping several people in my vicinity that the idea for Personal Power-Ups first popped up in my head. Why not share this practical information with the world through a website and help even more people?

Fast forward to today, Personal Power-Ups is up and running! I hope the tips, strategies and other information on this website help you live your best life.

steven mareels

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